A Look at the Current World: By Jeff

Wisdom from ‘The Infinite Jeff’ to help us understand today’s world.

My good friend, Will Holcomb, asked me to write an article about how I see the current world situation and the situation in America. Will wrote about me in his book series The Infinite Jeff and some readers of that series have been asking him what I would say about the current situation. So, as a favor to Will, I’ll explain things from my perspective.

First, a little about me to help you understand what I’m about to say. Some of you may have read The Infinite Jeff and have a relationship with me and somewhat of an understanding of who I am. You still have the bigger question of exactly what I am. I’m not going to answer that question, but I will give some more details. For those who have not read The Infinite Jeff, just a little about me without plot spoilers for the book.

First off, I’m fully human just like you. I was adopted soon after birth. My biological parents are unknown but there were no celestial beings, well not in the sense of human understanding, involved. I am a human with an insatiable thirst for vertical growth. There is horizontal growth which is knowledge. We know the state capitals, statistics for our favorite sports team, facts about the Civil War, we learn algebra, art history, and on and on. Horizontal growth is amazing but it isn’t who you are. Vertical growth is growing to learn who you truly are and understanding your relationship with the infinite. I’m a human who has done this to an extent few other humans have. From birth, I was a learner in the horizontal and vertical sense. While horizontal growth has no real limit, vertical growth has a wall. There is a barrier, many actually. To break down that wall there is a secret ingredient. Pain. If you look at my journey with Stanley in The Infinite Jeff, the story is fun and entertaining, but, when you get down to what my role was in the vertical growth of Stanley, I was the person safely administering pain. I was there to disrupt his current understanding of the world and then guide him towards a new, greater understanding of himself. My parents dying catapulted me through my wall. Most kids think their parents are two of the greatest people who ever walked this divine Earth, but my parents truly might have been. My love and respect for them was without limits. The foundation of who I am, to the core, is because of who they were. I became what I am because of their love and because of the pain of losing the people I depended on.

I crashed through that barrier and saw first hand what the great teachers have been trying to teach from the beginning of time. Most teachers had to teach through stories and metaphors because humanity wasn’t at the level to understand the truth. Teachers who told the actual truth were called madmen. Therefore, wise teachers had to teach partial truths in hopes of slowly advancing humanity to the point of understanding the next bit of truth. Sadly, much of humanity has taken the teaching of the teacher they have chosen to listen to as static, unchanging, absolute truth. I will teach no differently than the wise teachers of the past. I will give you the next bit of truth on the path to absolute truth. To some, you’ve actually heard much of it, but I warn you, in the same place you’ve heard these truths, you have also heard lies. Be wise in what you accept as truth, be open to changing what you believe. To others, what I say will sound absurd and insane. You may already believe you know the truth. I do not say this lightly. People who believe they know the truth are fools. You are fallible humans with a three-dimensional understanding of infinity. It is not possible for the being you currently are to understand the absolute truth. I, myself, have only taken a small step further than you, and only see a partial truth. Still, what I’ve seen is exponentially more complex than anyone can understand with a three-dimensional mind.

Now, onto the question readers have been asking Will Holcomb. What are my thoughts on the current situation? It is bad. It is very bad. So what?

Get over it.

Use it to fuel your vertical growth. It is your destiny to grow as an individual cell in the collective of humanity. As more cells in the collective of humanity grow, humanity grows. An individual cell can not change humanity until it itself has grown strong enough and powerful enough in love, compassion, and acceptance to radiate that love, compassion, and acceptance to the community around that cell. We have cells that have done that. We have Jesus, we have Buddha and others. But you do not have to be Jesus or Buddha to radiate love, compassion, and acceptance to your neighbors. You have to listen to Jesus, you have to listen to Buddha, you have to listen to the great teachers. You have to put yourself on the vertical growth path. Your individual change is part of the collective change.

Humanity has always had bad situations. If you think about humanity as an individual being, which actually isn’t that far from reality, just like Stanley’s journey of vertical growth required pain, the vertical growth of humanity requires pain and trials. It is all part of the experience. And We Are The Change.

We are seeing people murdered and dying and that hurts our collective soul. It is painful. Jesus taught the people of his time, over two thousand years ago, about what happens after we die. Christians have songs about going home when they die. Jesus taught the people of his time at the level they could understand. He taught people living in a three-dimensional world and told them there was another dimension past what they see. You live in a physical, three-dimensional world but that isn’t who and what you are. You exist outside that. This three-dimensional world is for your higher-self to learn and grow from. The fear you are feeling right now is because you fear for your three-dimensional self, the three-dimensional beings you love, and a three-dimensional world.

It is right to do that. That feeds and teaches love, compassion, and acceptance to your higher-self. It is the purpose of your very limited time on this divine Earth to feed your higher-self with love, compassion, and acceptance. Mourning the loss of our three-dimensional loved ones, standing up for justice, loving this divine Earth, are all part of feeding our higher-self.

I hope that answers some questions. You are a divine being. Never forget that. Don’t let the pain of this three-dimensional world steal that from you. Use that pain to connect with your higher-self for the betterment of this three-dimensional world. This is your destiny.

Will Holcomb is the author of ‘The Infinite Jeff’ and the playwright for ‘Clinically Un-Depressed’ and ‘The Puzzler’. These transformational works are available on Amazon. Goodreads has many wonderful reviews on the works. You can follow him on Facebook.




Will Holcomb is a software engineer, writer and playwright, among other things. Find him on Amazon https://amzn.to/2VdgaaP and Goodreads http://bit.ly/2H6ZHAt

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Will Holcomb

Will Holcomb

Will Holcomb is a software engineer, writer and playwright, among other things. Find him on Amazon https://amzn.to/2VdgaaP and Goodreads http://bit.ly/2H6ZHAt

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