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  • Shelly Jewell Wynn

    Shelly Jewell Wynn

  • Michelerutherford


  • Tommy Hazleton

    Tommy Hazleton

    I wanna be a lot of things such as a great husband and father, an objective thinker, and a careful and caring writer who somehow makes a difference with words.

  • A Wanderer

    A Wanderer

    I Don`t Give Advice(s), I Share Deep Experience(s). An Agile Researcher and Wanderer. An Enthusiast with Keen Interest in Making Life Simpler.

  • Amy Zhang

    Amy Zhang

    Injustice from the eyes of a high schooler. Activist. Lover of history. Here to educate and inspire.

  • Douglas Pilarski

    Douglas Pilarski

    Douglas Pilarski is an award-winning writer & journalist.

  • Charlotte Keith

    Charlotte Keith

  • Jaleel & Nicole

    Jaleel & Nicole

    Writing about life and how to get better at it. We cover topics in Psychology, Mental Health, and Relationships. https://jaleelnicole.medium.com/membership

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