We have been shown what is wrong and now must fix it

Why We Should be Thankful for Donald J. Trump

And it isn’t because he was a good president. He wasn’t.

Last night, I listened to Trump pressure Georgia’s Secretary of State, Brad Raffensperger, to overturn the state’s election. Trump’s delusional and insane incompetence was on full display for America and the world. For four years the world has watched this man trample over what truly does make America great. We have watched him trample The Constitution and the separation of power.

We need to be thankful it was him and not someone who was competent and intelligent. Because Trump was able to ignore most of the rules other presidents respected and followed, because he was able to bully and intimidate other departments and hindered the investigation into his crimes, because he had international business dealings which made him a target for foreign influence, because of that, and so much more, we now have a list of holes in our system that need to be fixed.

Here is a list of things I can think of that need to be addressed. I’m sure all of you can add to the list.

  • Anyone running for President must show their taxes. I don’t think they need to be public right away, but they need to be available to a committee that can decide if the person is a risk. Later, they could be made public as all other presidents have done.
  • Mental fitness for office. Trump has shown us that the old saying, “Anyone can be president” is absolutely true. We now have a man with multiple severe mental disorders and a lack of aptitude for the job.
  • An investigation into the susceptibility to foreign influence because of personal or business dealings.
  • All businesses owned by the incoming president need to be put in a double-blind trust. Jimmy Carter did this when he became President because he wanted to make sure no one would suggest his motives were for personal gain.
  • Impeachment proceedings or other actions taken against the President by the Legislative branch need to be done behind closed doors. With Trump’s impeachment, it was often said that many of the Republican Senators would have voted to impeach him but were afraid of the retribution from Trump’s base. This caused many to put their party over their country.
  • Clear rules and standards for nepotism. I’m not against nepotism when it is done for the right reasons and qualified people are hired. I would love to see Dr. Jill Biden made the Secretary of Education. She is highly qualified for the position.
  • Pardons cannot be given to people involved in crimes involving the President or cannot be used as political favors.
  • A sitting President can absolutely be prosecuted for Federal crimes committed while in office.
  • Departments tasked to investigate the President can do so without being bullied, threatened, or coerced. Subpoenas have to be honored. Obstruction of justice or obstruction of Congress are immediate grounds for removal from office.
  • Presidential social media accounts need to have some process to monitor and control them.
  • Campaign finance reform is a must.

This is just a short list of things we know need to be addressed to protect America from the next Donald J.Trump. We may not be as lucky as we were this time and the next person abusing America may be intelligent and competent.



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Will Holcomb

Will Holcomb

Will Holcomb is a software engineer, writer and playwright, among other things. Find him on Amazon https://amzn.to/2VdgaaP and Goodreads http://bit.ly/2H6ZHAt